Data protection terms and conditions (aku-egg)

Title of Resource: Speech and EGG (Electroglottography) Simultaneous Recordings (aku-egg)

Metadata: urn:nbn:fi:lb-2020112923
License: urn:nbn:fi:lb-2015041301

This page describes the specific conditions regarding the processing of the personal data in this Resource. In addition to these conditions, see the guidelines for processing personal data in the Language Bank of Finland.

Controller of the data stored in the Language Bank of Finland

University of Helsinki
PO Box 3
00014 University of Helsinki
Phone: 02941 911

For further details on the data protection of the resources in the Language Bank of Finland, please contact FIN-CLARIN helpdesk.

Data Protection Officer of the University of Helsinki


Description of the personal data

Types of personal data in the Resource

The Resource contains brief speech samples (individual words, isolated vowels and some read-aloud text about weather phenomena) from individual speakers and the EGG signal that was registered simultaneously from them. The recordings were made in acoustically high quality conditions. It may be possible to identify individual speakers on the basis of their voice, but apart from the speech signals, he Resource does not contain any other identifying information.

Categories of data subjects

The participants were 12 native Finnish speaking adult volunteers (6 male, 6 female).

Data protection terms and conditions for this Resource

In these data protection terms and conditions, End-User means the party acting as the Controller for the Resource received, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. Depending on the case and the purpose of Resource use, End-User may therefore mean the CLARIN service user’s employer or organisation (e.g., a university, university of applied sciences or other research organisation) or the service user personally.

The End-User understands that when receiving the Resource, it becomes a Controller, as referred to in the data protection legislation. The End-User must ensure that it complies with the applicable data protection legislation when processing personal data.

The purpose of use of personal data

  • The Resource may only be used for non-commercial research or teaching purposes.

Location and transfer of the personal data

  • Personal data may not be processed outside the European Economic Area.

In order to process the Resource outside the European Economic Area, a license may be granted only on the basis of a specific application. In that case, please contact the Language Bank of Finland.

Publish a link to your Privacy Notice

When you start using this Resource, share the title of your project that is understandable to the general public as well as the link to the publicly available privacy notice by using this form. This information will be published on the website of the Language Bank of Finland.


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