Example analyses

Example analysis for FinnTreeBank 3

Here is an example analysis for the data of The Downloadable Version of the Finnish TreeBank 3

The field names are as used in CoNLL-X. Please note that ’xpos’ here is just a copy of ’pos’ and therefore redundant. The projective dependencies (’projective head’ and ’projective deprel’) are not used. The space-separation within ’feats’ technically violates the CoNLL-X specification.

id word lemma pos xpos feats head deprel    
1 Hankintakeskukseen hankinta#keskus N N N Ill Sg 2 advl _ _
2 sovelletaan soveltaa V V V Prs Pass Pe4 0 main _ _
3 perustamissopimuksen perustamis#sopimus N N N Gen Sg 7 subj _ _
4 ja ja CC CC CC 6 phrm _ _
5 tämän tämä Pron Pron Pron Dem Gen Sg 6 attr _ _
6 perussäännön perus#sääntö N N N Gen Sg 3 conjunct _ _
7 määräyksiä määräys N N N Par Pl 2 obj _ _
8 . . Punct Punct Punct _ _ _ _

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