Corpus of Age-related Voice Disguise

This corpus includes normal and age-related disguised speech uttered by 60 native Finnish speakers (31 females and 29 males). The speakers were asked to read the same text fragments several times, in their modal voice and in two disguised voices, first pretending to be an elderly speaker and then pretending to be a child. The texts consisted of the Finnish translations of The Rainbow Passage and The North Wind and the Sun, and two selected English sentences from the TIMIT[1] corpus (SA1, SA2). The corpus includes samples of 78 different sentences per speaker (66 Finnish, 12 English). The speech was recorded simultaneously with a portable recorder with close-talking microphone, and two smartphones applications, yielding a total of 14040 audio files (3 * 4680). The material was recorded in summer 2015 in order to study the effect of voice disguise on automatic speaker recognition.

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Corpus of Age-related Voice Disguise
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