Installing and using dockerized tools (finnish-postag, finnish-nertag, …)

Some tools are available as Docker images. They can be used without installing any other dependencies (except for Docker). At this time the images are replacements for the command-line versions of these tools, meaning that they’re used via stdin and stdout, but they can also be run in an application server as a web service.

For now, the available tools are finnish-nertag, finnish-postag and finnish-tokenize.


The images are available on the Language Bank’s Dockerhub account, and may be installed as follows:

sudo docker pull kielipankki/finnish-nertag:latest

(Or finnish-postag, etc.)


The resulting containers communicate via stdin and stdout, so you could test them like this::

$ sudo docker run --rm -i kielipankki/finnish-nertag <<< 'Pekingin olympialaiset 2008'
Pekingin <EnamexEvtXxx>
2008 </EnamexEvtXxx>

They understand the same command-line options as the underlying tools:

$ sudo docker run --rm -i kielipankki/finnish-nertag --bio <<< 'Pekingin olympialaiset 2008'
Pekingin B-MISC
olympialaiset I-MISC
2008 I-MISC

$ sudo docker run –rm -i kielipankki/finnish-nertag –show-analyses <<< ’Pekingin olympialaiset 2008’
Pekingin peking [POS=NOUN][PROPER=PROPER][NUM=SG][CASE=GEN] [PROP=GEO] <EnamexEvtXxx>
olympialaiset olympialaiset [POS=NOUN][NUM=PL][CASE=NOM] _
2008 2008 [POS=NUMERAL][SUBCAT=CARD] _ </EnamexEvtXxx>

Finnish Tagtools

This software package provides finnish-postag, a part-of-speech and morphology tagger for Finnish, and finnish-nertag, a named entity recogniser for Finnish.
This software is also installed in CSC’s computing environment (module load finnish-tagtools).

Both tools take running text from standard input and produce tabular output (one token per line) to standard output. See –help messages for more details.

An installer is provided in the form of a Makefile. More information can be found in the README file in the download folder.

Latest version:
Finnish Tagtools 1.6
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