KLK: Swedish newspapers and magazines, version 2

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This page provides preliminary statistics of the texts included in the Swedish Sub-corpus of the Newspaper and Periodical Corpus of the National Library of Finland, version 2, currently in preparation for the Korp service.

Note that in the Swedish KLK version 2, the list of titles can contain the names of some Finnish newspapers and magazines as well. In version 2, a text that had originally been published in a Finnish newspaper was included the Swedish corpus, in case it contained at least one sentence that was automatically identified as Swedish.


NB: These statistics are not yet final. More human-readable summaries will be provided at a later stage, when the complete dataset has been processed and made available via Korp.

For information on how to read the TSV-formatted (tab-separated) text files, please refer to the README.txt file, included in the package.

Download the statistics as zip packages:
klk-sv-v2-draft-report-1771-1920.zip (11,5 MB)
klk-sv-v2-draft-report-1921-2021.zip (16 MB)

Last updated: 1.2.2024