Plenary Sessions of the Parliament of Finland, Kielipankki Korp version 1.1

This page is to inform you that on 2.12.2019, minor changes have been made to the original corpus data, referenced by the PID

 icon-arrow-circle-right Click here to proceed to the new version of the dataset. The dataset includes the changes described below.

Added functionality

The search results displayed in the concordance tab in Korp now contain links to a media player page that displays the video of the corresponding plenary session, forwarded to the start time of the selected transcript line. The video is streamed directly from the online service of the Parliament of Finland, whereas the transcript and other details of the speaker’s utterance are shown statically according to the content and attributes available in Korp. However, the new video feature does not affect the search facility in Korp.

Added annotations

The start and end times of utterances (relative to the beginning of the video) as well as utterance durations are now shown in the form, in addition to the corresponding values in milliseconds.

The previously hidden links to the original session transcripts and video recordings are now shown as text attributes in Korp.

The text content itself is unchanged.

Attribute changes

The following text attributes have been renamed:

  • ‘video’ was changed to ‘original_video’ (this attribute was previously hidden in Korp)
  • ’transcript’ was changed into  ’original_transcript’ (this attribute was previously hidden in Korp)
  • ’date’ was changed into ’publication_date’ (this attribute refers to the date when the transcript was published and it often differs from the date of the actual session event)
  • ’time’ was changed into ’publication_time’ (for a similar reason as above)

Moreover, a hidden attribute was added in order to be able to suppress the display of erroneous start and end times of utterances (in some cases, the timestamps were found to contain values exceeding the total duration of the video in question).

The textual content itself has not been changed.

Other corrections

Some erroneous links pointing to annotation documents and videos on the LAT service were removed. Some working LAT links are still available, but since the LAT system will stop working within a year or two, the links may be replaced in future corpus versions.

Missing characters in some URL addresses to the original videos were also fixed.

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