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Title of resource: Yves Montand in the USSR interviews (MONTINT)

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This page describes the specific conditions regarding the processing of the personal data in this resource. In addition to these conditions, see the guidelines for processing personal data in the Language Bank of Finland.

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Description of the personal data

Types of personal data in the resource

Depending on what information each interviewee agreed to provide, the resource includes the first and last names and the patronyms of some interviewees; only the first and last name of some others; and just the first name or an alias for the rest. For each interviewee, the (approximate) year of birth is also included. In addition, the location where the interview took place and the places of residence of the interviewees may be disclosed in the resource.

Even though the interviewees may be identifiable in the resource, the topic of the interviews is very general and does not reveal any sensitive or private matters concerning the participants, and it is not possible to perform surveillance of the interviewees. Thus, it is unlikely that any significant risks or harm could be caused to the participants as a result of the processing of their personal data.

Categories of data subjects

The resource includes interviews of Russians who had either personal or ”inherited” memories about the Yve Montand tour. The interviewees were found either in the social networks of the students who contributed in the resource as interviewers or via social media.

Data protection terms and conditions

In these data protection terms and conditions, Licenceholder means the party acting as the Controller for the Resources received, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. Depending on the case and the purpose of Resource use, Licenceholder may therefore mean the CLARIN service user’s employer or organisation (e.g., a university, university of applied sciences or other research organisation) or the service user personally.

The Licenceholder understands that when receiving the Resources, it becomes a Controller, as referred to in the data protection legislation. The Licenceholder must ensure that it complies with the applicable data protection legislation when processing personal data.

The purpose of use of personal data

  • This resource may only be used for non-commercial research or teaching purposes.

Location and transfer of the personal data

  • Any personal data processing outside the European Economic Area must comply with the requirements laid out in Chapter V of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Information security

The requirements for information security are based on the severity of risks that personal data processing may cause to data subjects and on the sensitivity of data. No specific information security conditions are provided for this resource.

Other conditions for data processing

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